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Welcome to the Cesar Database webportal.

This webportal provides access to the Cesar Database. Data collected at the Cesar Observatory is made available for the research community and non-commercial use through this portal.

A wide spectrum of parameters is covered by the measurements at the Cesar Observatory. The observations include e.g. atmospheric state, wind, clouds, aerosols, greenhouse gases, surface and elevated fluxes, hydrology and infra-sound. Also higher order products derived directly or indirectly from the observational data are disseminated through this portal.

All data are provided free of charge. However, downloading data implies that you agree with the Cesar data policy on the use of the data. The metadata of all datasets is freely accessible. Some datasets may have restricted access and permission to use these datasets should be obtained from the responsible researcher or provider.

Click on "Introduction" in the menu for an overview of the webportal functionality and the database. In the introduction it is also described how you can select and order datasets.

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