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Converting NetCDF to text or ASCII

This following text is copied from the NetCDF website (FAQ).

One way to convert netCDF data to text is to use the ncdump tool that is part of the netCDF software distribution. It is a command line tool that provides a text representation of all the netCDF data, just the structure of a netCDF file, or just the data for specified variables, depending on what arguments you use. For more information, see the ncdump documentation.

Another good tool for conversion of netCDF data to text is the "ncks" program that's one of the utility programs in the NCO (NetCDF Operators) package. Similar capabilities are available using programs from the CDO (Climate Data Operators) software, commands from NCL (NCAR Command Language), or various other packages such as ANAX, cdf2asc, the FAN nc2text utility, and NOESYS, all "third party" netCDF utilities developed and supported by other organizations. You can find more information about these third-party packages using the link above to "the Software for Manipulating or Displaying NetCDF Data" page.

Another freely available tool, netcdf4excel, has been developed as a netCDF add-in for MS Excel that can facilitate the conversion of netCDF data to and from text form.

Note that ncdump and similar tools can print metadata and data values from netCDF files, but in general they don't understand coordinate systems specified in the metadata, only variable arrays and their indices.

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